Wynwood – Miami

Wynwood Art District – I headed to Miami recently for a 4-day weekend.  My good friend from Naples joined me and we decided to be the typical tourists by riding the big red bus around the highlights of Miami.  Our tour guides were great guys who loved to share their knowledge of the city they live in and love.

One area that caught our attention was the Wynwood Art District.  I had heard how Miami was a thriving art district but had not experienced it until this trip.  As we sat on the upper level of the double decker bus we were able to see wonderful presentations of various types of art on the sides of the old warehouse district.  Wynwood exhibits the art of some of the most renowned street artists.

Love the figure creeping up the steps on this building.

Eyes – I love eyes!

This red building caught my eye.  Love the design on it.

Rats!  Ugh!!  But very fitting next to a construction site. 🙂

A bunch of bad guys.

The next day we headed back to this wonderful district and walked around.  Art was on many walls.  This was an alley across where we hopped off the bus.

And there is a center with several pieces of art all together called Wynwood Walls.

This is in an entrance to a nice restaurant.

The people in this photo help to give perspective of how large the walls were.

Love these large fingers.

A view of the large fingers from afar.  The doors lead into galleries featuring particular artists.  (
And they were a nice air-conditioned break from the heat.)

A nice city scape in the midst of everything.

More of the Wynwood Walls.

Here is a photographer taking a photo of a cool looking guy sitting amongst the fans.

And more eyes!

I plan to go back sometime when it is much cooler when we can walk around leisurely.  Here is Jane and I during this awfully hot day.














A Girl and her Dog



Meet Charlie.  Charlie came to his photo shoot with several outfits but in the end he was only in the mood to pose in his winter sweater, Colts jersey, and Pacers scarf.  Charlie is itty bitty but has a wonderful huge personality!  🙂





















Maggie was super excited for her photo shoot and was super excited Mom stayed in the photos with her!  Maggie is the most lovable little girl and definitely likes having her photo taken.  🙂


































Meet Serena!  Serena was at the Indianapolis Humane Shelter and was trained in the Paws and Think Youth-Canine program.  This program is an outstanding program for both the youth involved and the pets.  Please read more about it here:  http://pawsandthink.org/programs/ .  Serena was a bit nervous with the flashing lights but she ended up posing beautifully with her new Mom.  What a beautiful face!  🙂




Heidi was so happy to sit for this photo shoot.  She loved moving around and checking out the studio.  But most of all she loved the treats and would do anything at all for them – including letting me take several photos to make sure we go the perfect one.  🙂








































This happy little guy found a new home this Christmas.  He was found in a storm gutter and then resided at the Indianapolis Humane Shelter until he became a member of his new family.  Looking at this face tells you how happy he is about that!  🙂



Christmas Marriage Proposal

I was lucky enough to photograph a surprise engagement proposal for an adorable couple on the Indianapolis Circle right before Christmas.  Fellow photographer, Doug Blackford, helped capture that special moment.  The night was very dark due to rain that was trying to damper the evening.  But there was a perfect rainless window for the perfect proposal.  Congratulations Sean and Madison!  Thank you for letting me record this special moment in time for you.  And may you have many many happy years together!







Beautiful Family

Please excuse by bragging but I think I have a beautiful family. This is a Christmas session held in the studio recently. Enjoy!

haver_xmas_2016_print_09_wm       haver_xmas_2016_print_07_wm







Couples Who Laugh Together LAST TOGETHER (Dr. John Gottman)

I had such a great time spending time with this couple.  They are fun, loving, and the day could not have been more perfect.





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