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For Photographers – Photo editing

Photo Editing Wedding Cake ImageHello and Welcome!  Do you need help with Photo Editing? Would you like the luxury of spending more time with you family or with the ability to work on your marketing campaign instead of editing images?  We all do!  I am here to help you spend more time in the areas that are most important to you.  I have edited images for many years (all the way back to Elements days – yikes!) and will work with you to edit your images to your style.

Photo Editing Bride Entering Church ImageA photographer’s world can be a crazy one!  And I know how passionate you are about your photography because I am the same. I get you! I also run a photography business and I know how much energy it takes to focus on all the important areas like marketing and scheduling sessions and the ordering consultations.  I can help eliminate some of that pressure.

Photo Editing Wedding Invitation ImageWhen working together the first time, we’ll start out with a trial run of up to 100 images from one session to make sure the process makes sense for both of us. Over time, we will both have this down to a simple routine and honestly, understanding the process does not take that much time at all! I am more than happy to help you every step of the way initially until you are comfortable.  I learn about your style each time I edit your images. This means the final results will look like you edited them!  Sound good?

And speaking of benefits, here are some quick thoughts on how outsourcing your photo editing will benefit you:

  • Focus – outsourcing saves you time to focus on other areas of photography you love (possibly more sessions) and need to do (possibly marketing) and want to do (spend more time with loved ones).
  • Access to my skills – you will be tapping into my many years of editing in Lightroom and Photoshop! Do you have Presets you like to use – let me know and we an keep this consistent.
  • Lack of resources – your key resource is you and your time. Hire me as another resource to allow you more time to do what you want.

Photo Editing Bridal Bouquet ImageA little about me:

I have been in the photography business since 2016.  But I have always had a camera in my hand from childhood forward.  I am also a technical geek and love using photography editing programs such as Lightroom, Photoshop, Premiere Pro and lately I have been getting into InDesign and Illustrator.  So while this photo editing process is completed in Lightroom, I do have the skill set to tackle more involved editing in Photoshop for an additional charge if needed.

Photo Editing Ardath Waller at WorkIf we sound like a fit, please contact me and let’s talk!  I look forward to building a solid professional photo editing relationship with you!

Click here to fill out a form about your style and I will be in touch soon.  Promise!

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