Thanksgiving in Gulf Shores, Alabama

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I ran across a saying not too long ago – “If life is a journey, the beach is my destination”.  It is kind of fitting because my favorite bracelet is engraved with “The joy is in the Journey”.  So if the joy is in the journey and the beach is my destination, then the two weeks spent in Gulf Shores, Alabama were very fitting.  I wanted to go somewhere within driving distance where I could take my dog and this destination sounded perfect – both the house I rented and the beach allowed dogs.

After the drive and settling in I was at the beach!  The beach where salt is in the air, sand is beautifully white and fine, and water rolled back and forth with the waves.  Awwwww.  Baxter immediately loved the beach – he sniffed sand so much that it stuck to his nose, he rolled around in the sand, and jumped and ran in circles.  He is truly my dog – he loves the beach as much as I do.

Marty and Maria joined me during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend which was also my 60th birthday.  We had a seashore style Thanksgiving dinner with a smoked turkey, oysters and shrimp dressing, the best sweet potato casserole we’ve ever had, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, gravy, rolls, and pie.  After stuffing ourselves we all walked the beach.  And then we could not keep our eyes open past 9:30 pm.  That seemed to be a pattern – the sea air is wonderfully exhausting.

The beach is a wonderful place.  Some days no one else would be on the beach, other days everyone was on the beach building sand castles and playing tag football and sitting or laying around, and then other days the sunsets were so glorious that the sky even painted the sand pink.  A few days the Blue Angels practiced up and down the beach.  So fun watching them fly upside down and in full circles over the water.

Walking the beach is so mesmerizing that before I knew it I would be thinking about nothing at all.  I would experience all the nature around me at its most beautiful and all other thoughts stopped.  It is a sort of meditation.  It clears the brain and thought processes and only allows in the awesomeness of the beauty in front of you.  I could hear my breathing.  I was getting my exercise.  I was enjoying Baxter’s fascination with everything around him.  I am in the moment.  The past is not in my thoughts.  The future is not in my thoughts.  I am enjoying the moment in front of me right now.  That is the appeal of the beach to me.  It is one place I can be in the moment and enjoy every second of every moment.  It reminds me of another saying I really love – The sea brings me back to me.  So true.  Thank you beautiful beach.



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