The Pre-Session Consultation

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I love getting to know my clients and the Pre-Session Consultation is the first step in that  direction.  It also is a chance for my clients to learn about me.  So what will we discuss?  Many things but most importantly it is a chance for the client and I to get to know each other.

I like to get to know about you – how do you spend your free time, what are your interests, do you have any hobbies, do you have any pets – by the way, I LOVE pets so this is an exciting topic for me too!  

I like to get an understanding of the types of portraits you like – moody, bright and cheerful, urban, rural?  And what outfits would you like to wear during the session?  Seniors might have 3 different outfits while professional headshots may only be in one.

This is such an important discussion so that I am prepared to give you a pleasant experience and you’ll know who that quirky photographer is behind the lens that keeps smiling and chatting.

I will bring beautiful samples to our photo session so that you have an idea of what some of the products look like.  This is your chance to look, feel, and hold items such as the lay-flat albums to the folio portrait box.  But I also can show them to you during our pre-session call to give you an idea of what is available.  I spend quite a bit of time looking for quality materials to offer my clients and I know you will find something that you will cherish.

I am always looking to take on new clients in the Greenwood, Indiana and surrounding areas.  I love the outdoors and love the ever changing background of spring to summer to fall to even the winters!  

Feel free to contact me and let’s schedule your first consultation today!  It is super simple and pain free as I use Zoom for many of my consultations.  It gives us a chance to meet “face to face” during these trying times.  I am looking forward to our discussion!