About Me

Hi, my name is Ardath Waller and I have lived in Indianapolis, Indiana for almost 40 years.  I am a mother and a proud grandmother of five precious little ones.  I am also an Air Force brat with a childhood of moving every other year.  We lived in the southern or tropical states, in far away places like Puerto Rico and Guam, and in a small town in Indiana while my father was serving in Vietnam.  I graduated from high school in California and graduated from college in Indiana.

Throughout most of my career I have had the fortune to travel the world.  And, when I get a chance, I travel for vacation as well.  I have traveled to China several times, Hong Kong, Singapore, Penang, Paris, Barcelona, the Dominican Republic, the Caribbean, Mexico, and Canada.  And you will notice that I use my blog to record those moments and experiences.

Through all of my childhood, my travels, and my adulthood, I have loved photography.  My father was always up on the latest and greatest technology.  In his lifetime we progressed from 35mm to polaroids to digital.  I believe his influence is the reason I love capturing moments with my10339729_10202172083125689_2076621200230670615_n camera.  My first camera was a brownie camera and early on I remember being so excited when I captured emotions and feelings in my photos.  As I grew older and had a family of my own I continued my love of photography by capturing moments of my children growing up.  It is greatly evidenced in the fact that I am rarely in any of my children’s younger year photos.

The last few years I have taken my photography to the next level by studying with the best, building up my tool box, and becoming proficient in Photoshop and Lightroom to name a few.  Having experienced so much life I realize how important it is to capture points in time.  That is why photography is my passion.

I am focused on portrait photography in the fields of pet photography, high school seniors, and professional head shots, to name a few.  I enjoy experiencing places like parks, canals, and cities while taking portraits as well as in-studio portraits.  And I lean more toward a lifestyle type of photography in that I try to capture the surrounding area or items in some photos.

I am available for a discussion on your session.  Please either email me at ardath@ardathwaller.com or call 317-694-3512.
Thank you,